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Stanton DeFreitas Is A Successful Entrepreneur

April 27, 2016
Stanton DeFreitas is a able and successful entrepreneur who works on issues of importance to international companies and ventures. Many companies, organizations, groups, and projects turn to Stanton DeFreitas first when they're seeking guidance on how to move forward. That is because DeFreitas brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the table for his customers. Stanton DeFreitas understands the international business community better than most and is grateful to be able to help companies to improve their efforts.

Stanton DeFreitas is a native Canadian, but was always happy to be able to enjoy his Caribbean heritage while growing up. He was brought up in a multicultural neighborhood with international flavor called Scarborough, located in Toronto's east end. Being brought up in a diverse community such as Scarborough as a kid did him a good deal of good--paying dividends in his personal and business life. DeFreitas was, on a daily basis, exposed to all kinds of ethnicities, customs, languages, and dishes. The way he was raised encouraged him to embrace other cultures and to embrace diversity.

Stanton DeFreitas is more than just an international businessman or entrepreneur. He is also a would be writer who would like to be able to connect with his readers on a number of essential issues. Stanton DeFreitas believes that his philosophy of inclusion and diversity is something numerous readers could reap the benefits of and he wants to see it championed. Stanton DeFreitas is fascinated with issues like international travel, world events, international sport, and health and fitness issues. Every human being is affected by these subjects and we as humans could always stand to learn more about them.